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According to management experts like Daniel Pink , autonomy is one of the most powerful factors for making people feel engaged with and committed to their jobs. Her managers were completely in charge of deciding whether or not to hire job candidates. Katie recommends that you look carefully for this trait during the hiring process, and encourage your staff to develop it more through your customer service philosophy. The best places to advertise cleaning jobs are craigslist for the U.

With craigslist and Kijiji, you can make applying as simple as asking people to respond to your job ad with a message of interest. Try to make your job ad sound like the kind of applicants you want to hire. For example, you want your staff to be professional and friendly, so try to make your job ad sound professional and friendly. Want some more help writing your job ad? Download this job ad toolkit, and copy and paste the wording right into your ad.

How I made my peace with hiring a housekeeper

I would pay them for the audition but explain they had to pass the audition to become an actual employee. It literally has to be a shadow. Katie posted her job ad on craigslist and Kijiji. She asked people to respond with a phone call or email. The main goal was to get them in for an audition. The applicant would then do an audition: working for a day, on real housecleaning jobs, under the close supervision of a manager.

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Based on that audition, the manager decided whether or not to hire the applicant. At the end of the day, the manager would give the applicant feedback and tell her whether or not she was hired. The manager would also tell Katie the outcome of the audition. If the applicant was not hired: Katie would pay the applicant for the audition work via a check or an e-Transfer. If the applicant was hired: Katie went through her hiring checklist to make sure her new hire filled out all the required forms and received everything she needed to get started.

Make cleaning kits for your new staff: bags full of everything they need to clean. Keep your kits ready to go at all times. Jobber software is the backbone of your business operations. Quote, schedule, invoice, and get paid—faster. How to Run a Cleaning Business Hiring. Table of Contents. Hiring: What Traits to Look For.

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Previous Cleaning Experience. Independent, Self-Motivated and Hard-Working. Commitment to the Job and Loyalty to the Clients. Genuinely Care About Helping Clients. No time to read now? How to Run a Cleaning Business We'll email you the 45 page guide for free.

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Get the Guide. Her biggest discovery? Health Benefits. Empowering Your Staff. True Connections Between Cleaners and Clients. Where and How to Advertise Jobs. Advertise for free on craigslist and Kijiji. How to Write an Effective Job Ad. Some places to find local independent cleaners would be care. Craigslist has a domestic gigs section for the North Bay to find local service providers for Sonoma County, however there is no screening or vetting here. From there you can enter your zip code and see maids in your area. This is a bit limited as far as information goes.

The service provider enters information in a text and paragraph format so they are not prompted for specific details and may forget to include important information such as their experience level, service area or even services provided. Furthermore, Craigslist does not have any screening process. Anyone can create an account and post an ad.

Hiring a house cleaner for the first time? Your etiquette questions, answered

Proceed with caution. Cleaners do have some hoops to jump through when creating their profile. They set their own rates and describe their own experience level. You can also see customer reviews. However, care. Cleaners simply enter their own information. You can see Santa Rosa, CA care. Hiring a House Cleaning Company. A house cleaning company employs its cleaning staff and sends them out to your property for you.

20 Secrets Housekeepers Won’t Tell You

They have central offices local in your area and keep up with branding via company cars and spiffy uniforms. The make a great effort in being professional and customer service oriented.

The good thing about this option is that your cleaner has been vetted and will not disappoint you for want of keeping their job; the bad news is that these cleaners are paid an hourly rate or a commission that is far below what you are paying their bosses.

Yet, with the high cost of a grand office space, personalized uniforms and branded company cars you can expect the bill to be substantially more than the actual value of the cleaning service rendered. Furthermore, in good business practice, a company will have to give multiple disciplinary actions or warnings to a poor performing house cleaning…potentially leaving them servicing your home for a long period of time before termination for bad behavior.

But, in good fashion big business, the customer is always right.


Here’s What Your Housekeeper Wants From You

These companies are more likely to offer refunds or discounts to ensure their customers are happy. With their stellar training programs, anyone can apply with no experience. On the upside, you can trust that your cleaner will have been professionally trained to do a good job knowing how to use certain chemicals or treat various surface areas of your home. On the downside, once these new cleaners realize the hard work that goes into this type of job they often move on to other similar paying jobs that require less labor.

One of the best reasons to go with a cleaning company is that they are often insured. That can certainly make a home owner feel more relaxed. But, did you know that you could be double paying? As you can see, this option has both ups and downs.

You may find that the company rotates its staff to ensure route efficiency, or when other staff call in sick, and therefore you do not always have the same person coming to your home. Not the best option for any of you who are nervous or do not plan to be home during the cleanings.

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