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So, I need to kidnap someone that no one cares of.

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I need to kidnap an orphan! This wonderful plan suddenly fills me with such a strange feeling! My heart is like swollen and I surprise myself into giving a faint smile. I think this is what human call hope. I read it in the Bible. Christians are living with the hope of getting a better life after death…hahahahaha load of rubbish!

But even, hope is a feeling that moves them, that comforts them throughout their insignificant life. And I am getting comforted. Knowing that I have a better plan to get a companion — even if this companion will not be like me — comforts me in such a way that I jump straight in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean and swim in the direction of where the sun goes down I also learnt that in one of the books I stole.

Ulukau: Ruling chiefs of Hawaii

I am happy. Well, let me be clearer; when I say life, it is not as if mine had been very thrilling.

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My life was amazing until my 8 years; I had a loving family, a lovely house but everything stopped suddenly during this winter night. All I remember is me waking up in the arms of a fireman, watching the huge flames devastating my house. I was sent first into a hospital, where the doctors, policemen, firemen and nurses tried to make me talk. It was a crapulous crime they said.

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They arrested a suspect a few weeks later, who confessed having lighten up the fire to teach a lesson to my father. How can you teach a lesson to a dead man? Anyway, he was condemned and executed. And I was sent into an orphanage. It will be unfair towards my parents. So, I stay alive and try to cope with what happened to me. In the orphanage, there are a lot of women, supposed to act as substitute mother but my mother never beat me or starve me for punishment. They make you feel that you are not wanted, that you are a mistake of nature or whatever insult they can find to insult you.

Today is the 15th October 18— and this is the last day of my actual life. We left this morning around eight and took the forest path at the end of the village, the one that goes along the river and then climbs up in the mountain. The trees there are so thick that the sun barely manages to light up the path. We are only five children left in this orphanage.

The others were either adopted because they were younger, either they ran away to a better life. At least, I have a roof and food.

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  4. Even if they beat us. All you have to do is keeping quiet, taking care of the younger because these women hate tears. Well, my four companions and I are now walking in the forest; it is still, at the exception of the head supervisor who sometimes whips the one who does not walk quickly enough to her liking. Around noon — well I guess it is noon, we can barely see the sun down there — we stop for lunch. All we have is a piece of bread, with a piece of mouldy cheese and of course water. Me and the other children look at her, imploring her to stop crying because we know that this nurse is the worst of the four we have at the orphanage.

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    I still have the scars. But Nora, the little girl, not knowing this nurse, throws her piece of cheese on the ground, still crying and screaming. She had signed her death warrant. By saying so, she stands up, heads for the little girl and sticks the cheese in her throat. I closed my eyes. I stand up and start running. I run as fast as I can without looking back. And I hear the sound of someone running after me.

    So, I keep running. Suddenly, I feel the ground collapsing beneath my feet and I saw my body falling and rolling down the slope and my head hitting a rock.

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    It is as if I was outside my body, suddenly. Anyway, the actual situation is that I am in a cave.

    And it is dark outside. What have I done? Why have I run away? I am used to that kind of violence from the nurses towards us so why this time was I unable to stand it? All I know for sure, is that I heard a little voice inside of me telling me to run away, to leave this kind of life and that now was my only chance to get a better life. And I followed it. There is no one here, aside from…wild animals? I try to stand up but suddenly my body reminds me of that fall and there is something holding up my arm. I close my eyes and reopen them, so they can become used to obscurity. There is some kind of splint around my forearm and a sort of grey cloth enveloping it. Someone, or something, had taken care of my broken arm. But who? I have heard legends about some spirits inhabiting and protecting the forest… Naaa these are, as they are called, legends. But still, someone did this to me. I try again to stand, this time, paying attention to my arm.

    A huge pain on my head obliges me to sit down again. I touch my head with the other hand and.. OH GOD! What a huge bump! I must look like a unicorn…with a horn on the right side of the forehead but still, a distorted unicorn. Okay, now focus and try to determine where you are. It took me few hours to explore the cave. It is dry, at least, because outside it has started to rain. Unfortunately, I also discovered that my exit is blocked by a huge stone, that only lets the air come through. Maybe my guardian angel protects me from the people of village. Or it is an ogre who keeps me in its food safe before eating me!