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The Tree of Life and the Sephiroth can be looked at and experienced from many different angles and different levels. Although created by Kabbalists the tree can be easily applied to other religions and esoteric teachings; it is that basic and fundamental.

But first and for all, it is a blueprint of the human being, and everything on the Tree of Life is a reflection of what happens inside oneself. Therefore one should see, and experience, the Tree of Life inside oneself. The Sephiroth have each their own respective place on the Tree, and they relate to each other in particular ways, depending, for example, on the Paths that connect them.

What I will give you here is the basic information based on my own studies and insight. The Kabbalah is not a rigid system and there is a lot of flexibility in its interpretation. The Kabbalah also attaches great importance to each letter and its numerical value, but that is a whole field Gematria which by itself we cannot go into here. The Two Faces. The Abyss and the Veil. The Tree of Life and the Four Worlds. A Word about the Sephiroth.

As we mentioned before, the sephiroth are emanations from the divine. They are strongly defined by number and place on the Tree of Life.


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But what are they? According to Israel Regardie they are considered "to be substantial principles of power-vessels, or categorical ideas in which the consciousness of the universe expresses itself". Sounds mind blowing, doesn't it? They are like vessels or channels, in which and through which the divine powers can manifest themselves in their creative evolution. They are spheres of light, receptacles that hold particular energies as they stream down from the divine source. They are like different potencies emanating from the divine. They are constantly there, always active, never ceasing.

They are a medium between the divine, the Absolute Ain-Soph and the physical world as we know it. They are characterized by limitation, measure, and concretization. They are gradations of powers, that is why they have different places on the Tree of Life. They are the substance of reality. They emanated from the divine, but are uncreated. The created universe that followed is just a reflection.

The question arises, how did they come into being? Therefore we have to have a look at the Beginning.

What Is It?

First there is Ain. You guessed it; it is not knowable, it is indescribable, everything we say about it, it is not. Then there is Ain Soph. Ain means 'not' and soph means "end". Ain Soph is the primal darkness of the absolute unity above anything else. Ain Soph is the one in which everything has its origin, its existence,and to which everything returns. Next we have the Ain Soph Aur. Aur means light. Now the Ain Soph Aur retracts itself within itself to a light point.

The Angels and the Divine Mercy - Part 1

Here we have substantiality out of nothing. Here is the primal vibration of the universe to follow. This light point starts to emit light energy, light rays. This is the primal ocean of subtle ether used for the building of the universe. This subtle ether is polarized into harmonious moving opposites of positive and negative, attraction and repulsion, contraction and expansion. There is harmonious equilibrium. The negative energy creates the Severity Judgment pillar on the left side and the positive energy creates the Mercy pillar on the right side of the Tree of Life.

And thus the next two Sephiroth arise: Chokmah Wisdom on the right side, and Binah Understanding on the left side. The left pillar is also called the Pillar of Form, the right pillar the Pillar of Force, and the middle pillar, the Pillar of Consciousness. Of the middle pillar it is said that it both shows how God reveals Himself to us downward movement and how it is our path for "conforming to His image" upward movement. Ok, now we have three Sephiroth, and they form a trinity, called the Supernal triad. Under this trinity is the Abyss. Above the Abyss is the realm of ideas, or the Ideal.

Under the Abyss, is the world of the real, or Reality and Causality, in which the next seven Sephiroth are to come. The next seven Sephiroth are the crystallization, the densification, of the subtle ether.

The Tree Of Life: Kether

Together they produce the universe, the world we know. To the right are all ten Sephiroth of the Tree of life with the columns superimposed. I am using here the traditional names of the Sephiroth. Their names don't always reflect the meaning or content of them. It is not clear why the ancient kabbalists choose those titles.

Kabbalistic Divisions

To know what the Sephiroth are about, one needs to read the explanation of each Sephirah. Kether is the first manifested Sephirah, the first condensation of the light of Ain-Soph. Kether means 'the Crown'. It sits like a crown on the top of the Tree of Life, but at the same time is the Crown on top of our head. It is said that Kether encircles and covers the brain of the primordial Man, Adam Kadmon. One might compare it with the Crown Chakra of the yoga system.

It is called the Crown because Kether belongs half to the human system and the Tree of Life and half to the Divine or Ain-Soph , like a crown sits on top of the head, but is not quite part of the head itself. Kether connects the Divine and the human. Or, man lives in the universe but does not belong to the universe, but to the divine.

Kether is man's connection to the divine. That is why Kether is partly hidden, because of its connection to the Nothingness, and partly manifest because of its connection to the manifested universe. Kether is the source of light rising up from the darkness. It is a monad of pure energy in which all opposites are unified. In Kether is the blueprint of the entire universe.

Kether is also called Mashabah, which is consciousness, as Kether is pure consciousness.

In Kether resides the divine essence of a person, indestructible.